Retirement Info from NYSTRS

If you couldn't make it to Saratoga, here's a recap of the 2016 Annual Meeting of NYSTRS Delegates:

Jolene T. DiBrango of the Pittsford Central School District was re-elected to a three-year term on the 10-member Retirement Board.
NYSTRS delegates and alternates attended a variety of seminars that covered topics ranging from NYSTRS benefits to keeping your personal information secure.
Delegates took part in a question-and-answer period with the NYSTRS Board and staff.Copies of the seminar presentations can be downloaded from the links below.

Service & Salary: What’s Includable in Your Benefit and What’s Not?
Social Security Information
What’s New at NYSTRS?
Wondering What Retirement Will Be Like as a NYSTRS Member?
Communication Is Key
Ensuring Your Personal Information Is Secure
NYSTRS’ Strength: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words